• Until March 6 2018: solo exhibition Binnenspel, LJG Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    Open at office hours, 10 am -5 pm (Friday until 2 pm).
    Adress: LJG, Zuidelijke Wandelweg 41, 1079 RK Amsterdam.
    To visit the exhibition, please give a call or e-mail to LJG: 020-5400120 / secretariaat@ljg.nl.
  • March 22 –April 26 2018: combined exhibition Alternative Facts in Kunstuitleen Amstelveen and Sociale Verzekeringsbank Amstelveen, The Netherlands.
    Paintings: Paul Dikker // sculptures: Willem Harbers.
    Opening March 22, 5 pm location SVB, 6 pm location Kunstuitleen.
    April 7 April, 3 pm location Kunstuitleen: interview and meet & greet with the artists.
    April 26 4.30 pm location SVB: finissage.
  • April 6–May 13 2018: exhibition in Galerie de Kapberg // Maartje Blans, Paul Dikker and Joop Haring. Opening April 8, Galerie de Kapberg, Slotweg 17, Egmond aan den Hoef, The Netherlands.
  • September/ October 2018: exhibition Wilde Haren in Galerie de Meerse // Guido van Amelsfoort, Paul Dikker and Ralf Kokke. Raadhuisplein 3, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.
  • Spring 2019: exhibition Paul Dikker in the Rosa Spierhuis.
    Esseboom 2, Laren, The Netherlands.

The launch of the new WAW–magazine is expected March 2018.

Studio visit:
If you want to take a look at his paintings at another moment, you are very welcome to visit Pauls studio. Please contact him to make an appointment: info@pauldikker.nl.